Floor Area. 800sqft
Project Value. £100K
Operation. Traditional Coffee House and Wine Bar

Located in the heart of Belgravia, West London, Tomtom is a quintessential English Coffee House and Wine Bar with a strong traditional design style. T&G timber panelling, butchers block counters and reclaimed timber flooring compliment the stunning Grade II Listed Victorian building rich in historical character.

A very small unit, the challenge was to maximise customer areas, whilst still providing optimum operation space. An eclectic mixture of vintage furniture and light fittings were sourced to work in harmony with the overall design.


Tomtom Coffee House 09 Tomtom Coffee House 03 Tomtom Coffee House 05 Tomtom Coffee House 04 Tomtom Coffee House 06 Tomtom Coffee House 02 Tomtom Coffee House 01