Floor Area. 3000sqft
Project Value. £400K
Operation. Modern Indian Restaurant Chain

Award Winning Design at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 08/09

Located in the heart of Hemel Hempstead town centre, Oojam is a new concept in Indian Dining to be rolled out countrywide.

The interior had to address the main elements of the brief as well as reflect the brand identity. The visual kitchen is a key part to the design, with the emphasis on the whole operation centred around being able to see the food prepared and cooked. Seating is set out around the kitchen, tiered to allow full views from all areas of the restaurant.

A neutral subdued colour palette is used as the backdrop of the concept with high gloss white wall panels contrasting with dark oak and grey resin flooring. Brand colours are introduced sparingly to highlight key focal points, all of which create a distinct but refreshingly simple identity.


Oojam Case Study
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