Floor Area. 1800sqft
Project Value. £200K
Operation. Meze & Grill Restaurant Chain

A new roll out concept in eastern meze dining, a stones throw from Northcote Road in Battersea, London, Lifeforms have designed the interiors using an eclectic palette of materials and bright colours to demonstrate the traditional essences found within the Mediterranean region.

With a compact site spread over two floors, clever spatial planning was needed to optimise the operation. Bespoke booth and bench seating were designed to give maximum covers, and an open kitchen with meze display counters were introduced allowing the action to be seen, heard and smelt.

A strong brand identity was used as inspiration for the finishing details, with large wall graphics and features spreading between the two floors, all within the bold brand colours. Set against the crisp white background, a fresh modern setting has been created, but one that is true to the roots of the eastern Mediterranean.


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