Lifeforms Design | Fresco Freddos
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Fresco Freddos

About This Project




Floor Area. 460sqft

Project Value. £20K

Operation. Gelateria and Cafe


Working with a white box unit, and a brief that included a logo and initial mood board (one half of client team is a Graphic Designer), we were appointed to bring their vision to life. With a very distinct colour palette and style in mind and a very tight budget, we assisted in tying the vision together, whilst also sourcing & specifying specific materials, and detailing accordingly to allow budgets to be finalised and contractors appointed.


With such a tight budget, creative thinking and detailing was required to maximise the impact of the design. The plain white background of the unit was retained to allow the brand colour palette to stand out. Bold colourful lighting and furniture detailing worked closely with the branding, (woven string pattern to match brand graphics and poster boards) and reclaimed timber to walls resulted in a bold yet simple design that matched the brief perfectly.