Lifeforms Design | Café Giardino Basingstoke
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Café Giardino Basingstoke

Cafe, Restaurant
About This Project

Café Giardino Crawley 2


Floor Area. 167sqm

Budget. £80K

Operation. Counter Service Restaurant


Tasked with refreshing this existing unit with a minimal budget, new finishes were added to all the floors and walls, and the existing ceiling removed to increase height and give a sense of space. The original counter was retained and refreshed with new finishes and a range of seating styles used to create interest in the dining areas. Using black and white Italian imagery in line with core brand values, a sophisticated, more subdued colour palette was introduced, offset by bold monochrome graphics and bright colour accents to add drama and visual impact. This new style, completely different to previous Café Giardino’s, is in line with the client’s brief to constantly evolve and develop the design with each new project.